1 Year Anniversary – Amber and I

On October 1 2010 my filly turned 3.. Three years old.. Yes, I missed the actual event, and only realised afterwards.. and yes I’m a bad mom cos I didn’t take her carrots.. I did feel bad.. No need to rub it in..

I also just worked out that I have officially been a horse owner for a full year now.. Amazing 😉

And to think that at some point I had given up on the idea of having my own horse.. Look at me now! A proud owner of a registered Partbred Welsh filly, Tipuana Amber, and in the process of breaking her in myself!

In the full year that she has been mine, a lot of events have taken place! When I had decided to buy her from the Tipuana Stud farm, it was arranged that Lynette (my friend who owned Caravelle Stud and where Amber was to be stabled) and I were to go fetch her, the first week in October 2009. This didnt happen as Lynette had problems with her bakkie and wasn’t able to tow the horse box. Instead the owner of Tipuana Stud offered to bring her though to the Caravelle Stud and she arrived at her new home atthe Bapsfontein plot one Saturday afternoon, 3 October 2009.

This was to be her home for the next 6 months! She has a nice big stable in the barn and spent her days in the paddocks with the other mares and geldings. I bought her a pressure halter soon after her arrival and after a lesson from Lynette, I did all the training with Amber on my own. I even entered her in her very first show – Horse of the Year in February 2010. She looked amazing and although she only received a highly recommended due to Lynette arriving late for the Partbred Welsh Cob class, she looked amazing and even her previous owners offered to buy her back if I ever wished to sell her. Eventually the distance just got too much – to travel to Bapsfontein during the week and even on weekends – and I decided to move her closer to me.

In April 2010, my horse riding instructor Renae helped me by fetching Amber and moving her to Shumbashaba in Mnandi. Shumbashaba is where I have my riding lessons and I host and maintain their website and online presence. Amber has since been stabled at Shumbashaba and she is really happy there!

Since she has moved to her new home, her training has come on in leaps and bounds. I have taught her to lunge quite sucessfully; she runs on her own at all three gaits 🙂 She is also able to free jump and having a bit in her mouth for the first time was almost childs play it was so easy. She has also had a saddle on her back without any concern. The experience has been very rewarding and with the relationship of trust I have with her, the training aspect so far has been relatively easy.

I have not been to see Amber this month as yet – not with moving house (again) and been on holiday – from which I am officially writing this post.. As soon I as get back from holiday and have settled back into work mode I will be visiting Amber a lot more often.. In fact I think its about time that I get on her back.. for real.. no more messing around.. just get on her back and start riding.. It’s not that simple, but one can dream! And that’s a story for another day!


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